Profitability, closely linked to good social and environmental practices.

Profitability in the real estate business is increasingly linked to good practices in the area of social responsibility. Implementing improvements in the areas of sustainability, social sensitivity and good corporate governance (ESG) clearly has an impact on the attractiveness of properties, as well as their value.
In the context of building construction, ESG considerations can include factors such as the building’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint, the materials used in construction, the building’s accessibility for people of diversity, and the company’s labor practices and governance structure. Incorporating ESG considerations into building design and construction can help promote sustainable development and reduce negative impacts on the environment and society.
Aware that it cannot be otherwise and that we are facing a very obvious reality, at B Capital Partnes we are committed to responsible investment management. We have been working with our clients for some time now so that the buildings we manage can obtain a good ESG rating. Our in-house facility management team is a partner at Breeam.
Today there are different ways to determine the level of sustainability of a building. There are different types of certificates such as BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, etc., as well as ratings such as GRESB, which allow us to know how sustainable a building is and its impact on our economy regardless of whether it is owned by a company or an individual.
The Breeam Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method certificate allows us to know the relationship of a building with the environment.
This certificate was developed by the BRE Global organization in the United Kingdom and began to be developed in 1988, but it was not until the 1990s that it came into use. Initially, the Breeam certificate was used for commercial and residential properties. Over time its use has been extended to new types of buildings.

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B Capital Partners, present at The District show and at the National Congress of Real Estate Servicing

Barcelona and Madrid recently brought together the real estate industry. It was within the framework of two major events: The District and the National Congress of Real Estate Servicing. And how could it be otherwise, B Capital Partners actively participated through some of its professionals who attended both appointments.

The District in Barcelona brought together more than 7,000 professionals with the aim of analyzing the behavior of capital today and advancing investment trends for 2023. The District was structured along three main axes: the development of capital market structures, the value of meeting ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria and the transformation experienced by Residential, Office, Logistics, Hospitality, Retail and alternative assets, such as student residences, senior ‘living’ or the ‘build to rent’. In addition, the application of new technologies in real estate projects also had its leading role in the event.

The District was attended by investment funds, sovereign wealth funds, commercial banks, alternative sources of financing, large landowners, administrations, operators, developers, brokers, marketing agencies, consultants and property managers.

Meanwhile, the 4th National Congress of Real Estate Servicing was held in Madrid, an event that is already an icon for dealing with the perspectives on the evolution of the market, the development of new business models and the main challenges that asset management has ahead. Throughout the two days that the congress lasted, the topics that most interest the sector were discussed, such as: the macroeconomic situation and the underwriting of portfolios in Spain, public-private collaboration for effective housing management in Spain, the real estate sector as a refuge value for accumulated post-pandemic savings, in addition to various specialized topics in real estate, rental, promotion and sale of real estate, land management and investment opportunities in NPL Secured portfolios.

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