We offer a 360º service in the investment and real estate asset management sector. We have experience in land management and urban development, in project development, in rehabilitation and WIPs, as well as in the management of finished assets. Thanks to our long history we know how to approach each of the aspects of a project in a solid and qualitative way. From the acquisition and management of assets, both for development and end users, to any reporting service or strategic consulting.


We offer top-drawer advice for the search for assets and investment opportunities in which we can add value through market cycles. By analyzing and evaluating operations, designing business plans, underwriting and DD and the acquisition of assets or companies, preferably in urban residential and commercial projects, with an investment size of between €10 -100 million.


We are experts in Asset Management. In addition to offering the best investment opportunities and the structuring of transactions, we also manage the assets and the investment vehicle itself. We cover the entire management cycle with a multidisciplinary team that will support you in each of the phases of the value chain. The broadest conception of Asset Management, Property Management and Facility Management.


In any operation in which we participate, you will have exhaustive, clear, truthful and detailed information, through a series of investment reports and detailed performance control. You will always have a clear image of the investment and of the evolution of the asset portfolio.


We create value by providing a strategic analysis of projects, so you can make investment decisions based on a perfect knowledge of the market and the best financial options. Our team of specialists will provide you with the tools to choose the best alternative when considering your investment and strategy.