Excellence in dealing with the client, key to success

Asset management is constantly evolving and is no stranger to socio-economic changes in countries. Proof of this has been the upturn in inflation – a consequence of the war between Ukraine and Russia – leading to higher gas and oil prices in the euro zone. Or the sharp rise in interest rates during 2022, which has also been maintained in 2023.

In this adverse and changing context, customer satisfaction is essential for sustainable success over time. Therefore, it is essential to enhance trust and excellence with investors and tenants. In short, customer service has become a key differentiating factor. But how can we improve customer relations? What do we mean when we talk about excellence?

First of all, it is essential to maintain open and transparent communication with the client. This means providing investors with continuous information on the performance of their assets, changes in investment strategies and any other relevant issues, which allows them to adapt to changing market conditions. This transparency and flexibility creates an environment of trust and reduces uncertainty to protect and grow clients’ capital over time.

Another key point to maximize results and consequently client satisfaction is to achieve a personalized approach, that is, to make each client a unique client. To this end, the individual needs and objectives of each investor must be known in detail in order to adapt their investment strategies.

Offering training resources (expert talks, webinars, etc.) to help investors understand financial markets and investment strategies is part of this client-focused excellence. Such training not only encourages informed decision-making, but also strengthens the relationship of trust between the firm and its clients.

The use of technology, for example, through a secure and user-friendly platform that allows clients to access their accounts and track their investments in real time, helps to increase client satisfaction.

In relation to the tenant, it is necessary to provide experiences and amenities that improve their quality of life. New complexes attract tenants for many reasons, but it is clear that spaces such as a coworking space, a gym, a wellness area or a games room are an extra attraction. These spaces must be well designed and properly managed so that they do not fall into disuse, and this is where property management must play an active role.

We must not forget other key issues in this range of ‘extras’ that nowadays rental apartments offer. Concierge services are a clear example of this, as they cover banal issues such as the organization of cleaning services, gardening, and parcel delivery services – nowadays so necessary in view of the rise of e-commerce – but sometimes they also offer a reservation service for common areas, activities or restaurants.

Another example of elements that represent added value for tenants and that are being taken into account are those related to the integration of technology (home automation) and energy efficiency.

In short, customer satisfaction plays a critical role in achieving continued success over time. Excellence in customer service is currently a differentiating factor in a very competitive market and emphasizes the confidence of investors and tenants.