Digitization is an unstoppable wave, also in Real Estate

Although it may seem that residential Real Estate is still dominated by traditional models, the truth is that the influence of digitization and new technologies is increasing. The new and growing demands of users have led to the appearance of new actors who come to cover needs not satisfied by traditional agents. The rise of proptechs (companies that use technology to reinvent certain real estate services) is a good ally to face the challenges of the sector. Similarly, the exponential growth of real estate fund investment and the expansion of products from other industries into the real estate sector (banking, insurance, mortgages…) are a breath of fresh air for the sector and have come to shake up the current business model.

The Real Estate industry has traditionally focused on the product, which is why many have not been able to generate relevant intelligence around the needs of users. This has led to a lack of sophistication in its business processes, as well as a brake on digital evolution and personalization.Build to rent consists of constructing new properties specifically for renters; it is a new way of understanding the business. The developer builds the homes as a turnkey project, which is then handed over in its entirety to the investor, who may or may not finance the operation. The investor then exploits it directly or hires a rental property manager. Meanwhile, tenants get access to a new-build home, with extra services, for as long as they wish and at competitive prices.

Innovation in Real Estate has to do with everything that surrounds it: its administration, its protection, its day-to-day life, its rental or purchase process, etc. We have been doing this reflection for years at B Capital Partners, it is not something recently “imposed” by the pandemic. We set out to anticipate and somehow lead the digital transformation in the real estate sector. What processes can be automated to make life easier for the user? Is all the paperwork really necessary? Can we simplify or make interactions friendlier through self-management or digitization? What role should we reserve for human interaction in the Real Estate journey? These are questions that we asked ourselves at the time and to which we have been providing digital-based solutions

The growing desire to self-manage each person, their relationship with companies with which they need to interact and obtain information, as well as manage their data, makes connection channels between company and client, such as apps, not only convenient but essential.

At B Capital Partners we have adapted traditional business processes to the opportunities generated by technology and to the new needs of users. The client is always at the center of all our developments and work. We want to offer the best user experience in their real estate rental and purchase-sale process, using the best digital solution for this. Our solutions evolve day by day to be at the forefront.

We have understood that, in a digital environment, and especially during occasional and complex journeys such as Real Estate, users demand 365-day attention; a happy path that consistently exceeds your expectations in any interaction. Understanding the particular needs of users and their active pre-management become key elements in our business relationship.

Today, the digital platform of B Capital Partners aggregates all services -from removals to reforms or insurance-, managing to capitalize on the complete life cycle of clients to exploit the value around the rental, purchase or sale. Our clients are the best testimonials of all this. And they have been able to benefit from our desire for continuous improvement that materializes in aspects such as digital reservation, electronic signature of contracts, process optimization, digital consultation of invoices and receipts, improvements in the usability of our platform, constant updates on cybersecurity issues, connectivity with other platforms, etc…