B Capital Partners is a private real estate investment partnership, focused on the Spanish market. Its headquarters are in Barcelona and has also offices in Madrid.

The firm invests in opportunistic real estate deals where it can add value through its deep understanding of the local market dynamics and the design and execution of credible value creation strategies.

The firm has its own asset management and property management platform and has access to a broad network of real estate experts across Spain it leverages on as needed.

The expertise and focus of the firm’s partners extends to the residential, office, commercial, industrial, land and healthcare real estate segments.

B Capital Partners invests its own capital and that of its investors, which it raises on a deal-by-deal basis. Founded in 1996, the firm has invested more than € 600 m.

The firm usually originates structures and funds its own deals with its regular investors but also partners with international private equity real estate funds and institutional investors where it can take a leading role and be a driver of value creation.

To Investors

Spanish market will, in the next decade, offer  a wide range of real estate opportunities. B Capital Partners has the local knowledge, capabilities, expertise and track record to be your local partner and asset manager.

We always co-invest in the deals we manage and look for stable partners to share our deal flow and invest. During last residential booming we partnered with banks and Private Equity Real Estate Funds.

  • Who invests with us? Banks, private banking, PERE, insurance companies and family offices. We are used to high reporting standards
  • How to invest with us? Various structures are possible: deal by deal, through separate accounts, joint ventures or through a fund vehicle.

To Brokers

We actively look for new opportunities. Please contact us and we will answer you promptly.

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